What royalties come through AWGACS?

Royalties that are collected by AWGACS arise from the reuse of your work. These are separate to primary royalties (i.e. those from residuals payments) and are often referred to as secondary royalties, because it is the “secondary use” of the work.

Please note that AWGACS will not pursue residual payments but we encourage AWG Members to access the many Guild services available to help them receive these payments.

Where do  royalties through AWGACS come from?

Secondary royalties are generated when members’ works are reused for secondary purposes such as private copying, rental and public lending, re-transmission, re-communication of work, view-on-demand, projection in cinemas and similar places, sale for private use, educational recording, copying and/or communication. Some of this occurs through statutory schemes from laws in Australia and around the world.

International secondary royalties

AWGACS has negotiated partnerships with 34 foreign collecting societies from whom we can collect for members’ international secondary royalties.

Our partner collecting societies include (but are not limited to): ALBAUTOR (Albania), ARGENTORES (Argentina), SABAM (Belgium), LITERAR-MECHANA (Austria), ATN (Chile), REDES (Colombia), DHFR (Croatia), DILIA (Czech Republic), EAU (Estonia), KOPIOSTO (Finland), SACD (France), SCAM (France), GCA (Georgia), VG WORT (Germany), SOPE (Greece), FILMJUS (Hungary), SIAE (Italy), AKKA / LAA (Latvia), LATGA (Lithuania), ADAM (Mauritius), SOGEM (Mexico), LIRA (Netherlands), NORWACO (Norway), ZAPA (Poland), SPA AUTORES (Portugal), LITA (Slovakia), SAZAS (Slovenia), DAMA (Spain), SGAE (Spain), SUISSIMAGE (Switzerland), SSA (Switzerland), ALCS (United Kingdom), and AGADU (Uruguay).

The majority of these partnerships are with European countries due to the fact that their copyright laws often acknowledge that author’s entitlements to secondary royalties are an important passive income stream that cannot be given away.

Australian and New Zealand secondary royalties

AWGACS also collects and distributes secondary royalties in Australia and New Zealand for its members as originally collected through the Audio-Visual Copyright Society trading as Screenrights.

Under copyright laws in Australia and New Zealand, original creators of a work generally own copyright in the work.  However, copyright and the entitlement to both primary and secondary royalties can be assigned to a third party, such as a producer.  Therefore, it is important that writers retain their secondary royalty entitlements within their contracts and we encourage AWG members to access the Guild services to secure their Australian and New Zealand secondary royalties.

How do I know if AWGACS can collect international royalties for me?

If you are a writer whose work has been shown overseas, there may be international secondary royalties available that AWGACS can collect on your behalf.  All you need to do is contact us at [email protected] and find out.