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Australian writers called to help in protecting copyright in Europe

July 27, 2016

The peak organisation representing the interests of writers and composers around the world is calling on writers in Australia to join a campaign to strengthen copyright protection for works online. The International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC) has joined forces with GESAC, the largest authors’ societies in the European Union representing about […]


Breakfast Roundtable with head of See Pictures, Jamie Hilton

When: August 1, 2016 @ 9:00 am – 10:30 am
Where: WA AWG Office, 266 William St, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Please join us for breakfast and a round table conversation with Jamie Hilton, head of See pictures about the company’s work in supporting Australian Screenwriters. Jaimie has just completed the screen adaptation of Tim Winton’s BREATH directed[…]



When: August 5, 2016 @ 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Where: SAFC Boardroom, Fullarton Rd, Glenside SA 5065, Australia

You know your script or screenplay has value – so how do YOU get what it’s worth? Too many screenwriters go into contract negotiations without enough knowledge about the rights they have created.  As a result, some[…]


The Art of the Fart – Writing for Kids’ TV

When: August 16, 2016 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Where: Harlequin Hotel, 152 Harris St, Pyrmont NSW 2009, Australia

Get ready to 10x your fart jokes and hone your LOL factor! Kids’ TV is changing, its voice is cracking and it’s starting to grow hairs in strange new places… like Netflix. Fear not, Write Night is[…]



When: July 27, 2016 @ 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Where: AFTRS, 130/116 Lang Rd, Moore Park NSW 2021, Australia

  You know your script or screenplay has value – so how do YOU get what it’s worth? Too many screenwriters go into contract negotiations without enough knowledge about the rights they have created.  As[…]


Tim Pye on Writers' Rights #awg #aftrs #writersrights #writer @ Australian Film Television and…

"If you've written the next Breaking Bad, you're going to feel really bad if you don't have a part of it" - puns a plenty here tonight.

So far tonight we've covered Copyright, Secondary Rights, Moral Rights and Ancillary Rights - all important to a writer in different ways.

"It's may not be a fortune, but it's not nothing either," Tim Pye talking about the importance of your secondary royalties.

"Copyright is the most important right you create, it's the one that gives you ownership of the work & allows you to decide who can copy it"

Tonight we're talking about the rights you create when you write a screenplay, what those rights are worth and how to negotiate them.

Our Writers' Rights session, "Show Me The Money" is about to start with presenter Tim Pye at the helm.

Nearly ready for wine before our Show Me The Money seminar hosted by Tim Pye #awg

Primary7:26 - 26.7.2016

Get your film, TV or Web project up and going. We offer one-on-one consultancy and support from working industry professionals on the realities of how to advance your project and make it happen in todays market. We also offer Short Courses in Producing and Project development. Find us at

Time is running out! Only 4 weeks left to enter the John Hinde Award for Science Fiction!

Primary23:00 - 21.7.2016

Time is running out! Only four weeks left to enter the John Hinde Award for Science Fiction. The awards offer $10,000 for the best produced script and professional support for the best unproduced script. You can enter & pay online.

Catch @AWG_1 member Janet Merewether's 'Reindeer In My Saami Heart' this week & next in Sydney & Melb. @ScandiFFAu

We're losing our comedy virginity !!! And it's over sold... #comedy #abc #jungle #funny #tv

Primary1:16 - 19.7.2016

Primary7:27 - 18.7.2016

You know your script or screenplay has value – so how do YOU get what it’s worth? Come to our Show me the Money event and find out! July 27 in Sydney, other states to follow!

Primary8:41 - 14.7.2016

Will any members of the Guild be flying to the London Screenwriters Festival next month. If so would like to meet up and chat. David Moore

Primary8:39 - 12.7.2016

Any AWG members in New York next week or have friends there? My play, 'Ellen and Troy and Eloise', a relationship comedy set in Melbourne, plays at the Midtown International Theatre Festival.

NSW: #WriteNight is back & talking comedy w/ Jason Burrows, Rick Kalowski & Amanda Bishop. Don't miss out!

Produced or unproduced the @AWG_1 is looking for exceptional Sci-Fi! Entries now open for the 2016 John Hinde Award

Primary8:13 - 7.7.2016

Good evening! I was wondering if there was any more information or gossip on Shane Brennan's scripted Inc launch?

WA: Next week come raise a glass to our homegrown WA writers at @Rev_Film_Fest at the AWG Members Sundowner #RevFest

Primary0:59 - 6.7.2016

SF3 2016 Deadline approaching!

Primary9:15 - 5.7.2016

4 weeks left to submit your film into SF3 2016. Remember they must be shot on s smartphone or tablet and be a max of 6.5 minutes, the rest is up to you! With prizes worth $9000 enter by August 1st at

Primary3:27 - 5.7.2016


VIC: Join us for July's Member event as we look inside the projects and opportunities on ABC's Comedy Showroom.

Entries for the 2016 John Hinde Award for Science Fiction are now open! Enter & pay online

Primary2:38 - 1.7.2016

This innovative documentary by award-winning local director and AWG member Janet Merewether presents the life of a woman who is passionate about preserving her language and culture for future generations. It premiers at Palace Cinemas this July. Don't miss it!

Primary8:41 - 30.6.2016

SA - last chance to score an earlybird ticket to participate in a 2 day masterclass with acclaimed writer Katherine Thomson. Only a few spots left!

Primary5:23 - 29.6.2016

2016 John Hinde Award for Science Fiction announced. You can now enter / pay online!

Primary1:30 - 29.6.2016

The next Write Night will be on Comedy! This July! don't miss out!

Primary1:34 - 28.6.2016

The NSW Committee of the AWG have established two AWG Membership Bursaries. This year we are working with CuriousWorks to connect and select writers from Western Sydney and we would like to welcome Shane McDonald and Guido Gonzalez to the Australian Writers’ Guild. We would like to thank the NSW AWG community, without whose generosity and support these bursaries wouldn’t be possible. Please like our Write Night Facebook page for updates. #awg #newmember #westernsydney #community #writer

Primary0:05 - 28.6.2016

#AFTRSOpen: Screenwriting for Film: Starts 8 July, 10 weeks, online

Primary1:38 - 27.6.2016

The Australian Writers' Guild is hosting a Q&A with 'A Perfect Specimen' playwright Nathaniel Moncrieff! Details below:

Primary1:06 - 24.6.2016

Another great night for our VIC members - don't miss out! #awg #abccomedy #comedyshowroom #vicscreenwriters

Primary4:55 - 23.6.2016

“Vicki wasn’t afraid to really just change the tact of the show very, very abruptly,” Le Nevez says #awg #theketteringincident #tv

Primary4:21 - 21.6.2016

WA Members: Meet Nathaniel Moncrieff plus special offer to see the preview of his latest play at Black Swan State Theatre Company

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