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Screenwriters! Have you entered our New Writers’ Script Competition with the @AWG_1 yet? Entries close in one week!

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Primary6:12 - 28.9.2016

Have you booked your ticket for the 49th Annual AWGIE Awards? With bookings closing in less than two weeks, don't miss out on your ticket to this year's AWGIE Awards, hosted by Julian Morrow, co-founder of The Chaser, where news and satire collude.

Primary4:30 - 27.9.2016

Think you have the next Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Wentworth or Rake? Prime Time is looking for great, universal stories for Australian and international audiences. Whether you have a gritty drama for television or a fresh comedy for Netflix, the next great Australian thriller or a hybrid of all three, Prime Time is your opportunity to get your project on the AWG's acclaimed Pathways Program, which links great projects and writers with industry professionals, and to be considered for development funding by Scripted Ink. With less than two weeks to go, Prime Time closes at 5 pm on Tuesday 4 October 2016.

Primary3:30 - 26.9.2016

Have you booked your ticket for the 49th Annual AWGIE Awards? Make sure you and your pants don't miss out on this celebration of storytelling*, hosted by Julian Morrow, co-founder of The Chaser, where news and satire collude. #MyAWGIES #AWGIES2016 #AWGIES *and a nice dinner

Spread the word - less than two weeks left to enter Prime Time, our #TV screenwriting competition! Enter online:…

Primary6:24 - 22.9.2016

There's less than two weeks to go to enter Prime Time, the AWG's new television screenwriting competition! Prime Time offers: - $10,000 - Entry to the AWG's Pathways Program - The chance to be considered for development funding by Scripted Ink. Entries close 5 pm 4 October 2016

We've ranked the 100 best Australian films of the new millennium!

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We all love Patricia! Thank you Donna Abela for moderating this amazing session! #welovepatricia

Patrick Cornelius on his sister's lack of sentimentality #stage #gopatricia #awg #theatre

Primary5:36 - 20.9.2016

We can neither confirm nor deny the Andrew Knight conspiracy. However we can confirm that speeches will not be nine hours and that you should join us on 14 October for the 49th Annual AWGIE Awards! #MyAWGIES #2016AWGIES

Primary2:06 - 20.9.2016

DEADLINE REMINDER: Applications to Australian Writers' Guild's Prime Time competition for writers with an original script or idea for a commercially viable television series or miniseries close 3 October 2016. Prizes include $10,000 cash and entry to AWG’s Pathways Program - click here for more info:

Primary23:26 - 19.9.2016

NSW: #NSWWriteNight is back tonight. We're discussing #theatre with Patricia Cornelius. Don't miss out!

SA: Screenwriting competition What's the Story? NOW OPEN for entries! #screenwriting #tv #film

Primary23:59 - 18.9.2016

What’s the Story? is a new competition for South Australian writers with a script that showcases a great and universal story, excellent writing and market potential. What’s the Story? offers the chance to be considered for the AWG’s acclaimed Pathways Program as well as chance to have your work considered for development funding by Scripted Ink. The competition is open to all South Australian AWG members. Projects can be a feature, film, television one-off or television series. Entries close Monday, 7 November 2016.

.@AWG_1 & @OPENCHANNEL have launched a new initiative for emerging VIC screenwriters Applications close 6 Oct

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Joe Cinque’s Consolation Screening: free tickets through the NSW Writers' Centre and the Australian Writers' Guild!

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NSW: Special preview screening of Joe Cinque's Consolation, 6 October. Book tickets here:

Primary1:00 - 16.9.2016

To celebrate the highly anticipated release of Joe Cinque’s Consolation, the Australian Writers' Guild and New South Wales Writers' Centre invite you to a special preview screening of the film. When: 6 October 2016 6.30 pm Where: Verona Palace Cinemas, 17 Oxford Street, Paddington NSW 2021 The film sold out its two sessions in a matter of hours at the Melbourne International Film Festival, where it had its World Premiere earlier this year. The film has also been selected to have its International Premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Don't miss out on Gordy Hoffman's screenwriting masterclass at @SUFFfilmfest this weekend!

Primary6:00 - 15.9.2016

Interested in taking the next step in your professional creative career? NIDA is hosting a Master of Fine Arts Courses Info Night on Tuesday 20 September at 6.30 pm in their Graduate School. Offering MFA courses in Writing for Performance, Cultural Leadership, Design for Performance, Directing and Voice, the NIDA Graduate School is an environment for new thinking in response to the rapidly changing world of arts and culture. Learn more and RSVP:

[Writer in movie stares at blank computer screen, trying to figure out what to write] Me: *shouting at screen* Where's your outline?!

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We're hosting a Master of Fine Arts courses Info Night on Tue 20 Sep. Learn more and RSVP at

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Primary4:32 - 15.9.2016

The Australian Writers' Guild, in partnership with screen development organisation Open Channel, presents a special opportunity for talented new Victorian screenwriters with exciting new scripts. The competition is open to all AWG or Open Channel members and the winner will receive a cash prize and up to $1000 worth of script development with an experienced AWG developer. Finalists will join the AWG's acclaimed Pathways Program. The competition is open to all writers who have not yet had their work produced and screened on television or in the cinema, and can be a feature film, a television one-off or series, a broadcast documentary or a web series. Entries close 6 October 2016. For more information:

It's happening people! TONIGHT! Remaining tickets for opening night available here:

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A playwright's natural habitat - the bar. The last ladies standing after an excellent education…

Patricia Cornelius on current gender issues in theatre! Say no more... #gender #playwright

Victorian State of Play: Patricia Cornelius and Tom Holloway with Clare Madsen moderating…

Primary1:32 - 13.9.2016

Heading to Sydney Underground Film Festival this week? Be sure to check out the Masterclass on Screenwriting with Gordy Hoffman this Saturday, 17 September at 9.30 am!

Primary0:29 - 12.9.2016

Have you booked your ticket for the 49th Annual AWGIE Awards? Join us for an evening of style and storytelling, hosted by Julian Morrow, co-founder of The Chaser, where news and satire collude.

Primary6:22 - 9.9.2016

Primary23:00 - 7.9.2016

Have you bought your AWGIE ticket yet? Make sure you don't miss out on this evening of style and storytelling hosted by Julian Morrow, co-founder of The Chaser, where news and satire collude.

Primary6:07 - 7.9.2016

Enjoy a lunchtime playreading of Michael Gow's iconic Australian play AWAY at Ensemble Theatre next Wed and Fri - see more here!

Primary6:37 - 6.9.2016

Fantastic opportunity for female screenwriters to take part in Northern Rivers Screenworks' two-day career development residential workshop in Byron Bay in November. Applications are open to regionally-based female screenwriters and directors and close midday, Thursday 8 September.

Primary5:49 - 6.9.2016

Tonight on ABC ARTS catch Andrew Bovell and Nakkiah Lui on 'Meet the Mavericks'.

Primary10:16 - 4.9.2016

RE the Shane Bennan interview on TV Club on ABC RN, we can add TWO things, in alignment with what he said RE 'problems' with getting Oz TV on its feet (as per net-profits): TALKING HEADS as per the desired formats/projects have provably FAILED in Australia, amitted by Cassie herself) so that's a MONEYPIT pseudo-scripting-paradigm, not a structure that needs o be adhered-to (thus, 'good BYE 'Glitch', as Glitch is merely 'Neighbors' dolled-up-Mutton-as-Lamb style, and must be avoided... ... and Cassie loves Stranger Things, a show which has been SUCCESSFULL on Netflix due to the fact it provides SINCERE emotional content while providing all 'pay-offs' for 'set-ups' (a phrase Mr. Brennan knows all too well). UNLIKE Glitch. Unlike '100 Bloodily Plagiarizing Motel Hell Acres' *. No COGNIZANT audience listener to this ABC RN Interview failed to grasp that. Nor did they fail to remember the FAILURES in Oz screenwriting to 'pay-off' the 'set-ups'. While being aware of the fact that if they boycott i-View or purchasing dvds at the [dwindling] ABC Shops, a point will be made, no different to folks in the USA using boycott to the same effect. Going back to the public-bus-transit Phil Adams himself loves to invoke (albeit unfairly). As ScriptInk is presented as an ongoing program, if ABC RN has Shane address these things in a subsequent Cassie-interview, no problem. If not, it's 'meet the new boss, same as the old boss', pun intended as per licensed titles-sequences using music from The Who. *nobody better complain about THAT, for reasons Mr. Brennan KNOWS, as per the Law-suit of Hrlan Ellison v. James Cameron. Which Cameron, despite being 'Mr. Titanic/Mr, Avatar', LOST. Which set a legal precedent which applies to EVERY AUSSIE who thinks they can get away with ripping off yank stuff (or European stuff) merely because, as Shane said on ABC RN, the funding-bodies don't have writers in the 'green lighting' process, and also the producers screwing the writers he admitted to/elaborated upon assume the can't be held to account-for. Which is pathetic considering the definitions of Screen-Australia funding applications/Agreements defining 'original material/scripts', and before that, the SAME original material requiremants of the AFC/FFC before they merged ito 'ScreenAustralia'. (as in not a blatant rip-off, including rip-offs of 1980's American cult films. as provable by the LEGAL PRECEDENT SET by Cameron LOSING to Ellison, Shane will be VERY aware of this, including 'permutations'.) So let's have Cassie and Shane be honest about RIP OFFS that are LEGALLY ACTIONABLE, as well as age-ism, before we tout 'helping new screen-writers' too much, at tax-payer expense.

Primary2:58 - 2.9.2016

Australian Writers' Guild presents Prime Time, a new competition for writers who have an original script or idea for a commercially viable television series or miniseries suitable for prime time viewing. Prizes include $10k cash. Applications close 3 October 2016.

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