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Stupid Dead Boy

February 21, 2017

Three high school friends plot to drug and humiliate an unfaithful boyfriend, only to discover his dead body instead.


Lady Justice

February 13, 2017

After her police-officer husband is murdered, a 65-year old woman takes the law into her own hands and dishes out her own brand of justice to criminals who have escaped punishment.



June 9, 2016

When an Australian mining settlement on Mars loses contact with Earth, and the communications technician is found dead on the surface, a young, uncompromising astro-biologist must overthrow the treacherous leadership of the mining CEO and orchestrate the survival of the first human colony in space.


Black Creek – Development Funded by Scripted Ink.

June 2, 2016

Apathetic small-town cop Matt Gallagher is forced into action when he suspects his hero father’s suicide is actually murder



June 2, 2016

A forensic psychiatrist turns expert witness in order to determine the sanity of accused criminals who plead the ‘mental impairment’ defence.


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