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December 16, 2016

As an infection spreads through the Australian public, a self-protective introvert must team up with her estranged family and the girl who made her life hell in high school to survive a zombie apocalypse.


Red to Blue

November 11, 2016

A cynical, seed hoarding botanist must defy death to deliver the seeds of his dying world to a new planet. Failure means the end of all life.


The Paradise Syndrome

November 11, 2016

A Brooklyn based journalist recovering from the trauma of a highly publicised terrorist abduction, investigates a series of media suppressed deaths linked to a social media website, where users vlog their hypothetical ‘last words’. Teaming up with a technophobic Australian father of a teenage victim, the pair become drawn into a cycle of evil in their hunt to find the elusive founder of the website.


The Lodger

June 14, 2016

A displaced young woman, with the power to enter the dreams of others, takes a room in the home of the alcoholic former lover of the mother she never knew.


Min Min

October 23, 2015

Four carefree travellers speed across the Nullabor Plain to find the perfect surf break but their nighttime journey is cut terrifyingly short when they are hunted by a strange, deadly light in the sky – the Min Min.


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