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A. My acceptance of these terms and conditions, countersigned by the AWG, operates as a Deed between the AWG and me (“this Deed”).

B. The loglines, synopses, treatments and/or scripts (“the Work”) I access and read on the Pathways Database will solely be for the purposes of potentially becoming attached to the Work for its production.

C. In so doing, I agree that I may acquire access to confidential ideas, material and/or information contained within the Work which I would not otherwise have had access to (as further defined under clause 1, the “Confidential Information”).

D. This deed sets out the terms under which I agree to deal with the Confidential Information.


1. “Confidential Information" means any ideas, material and/or information of any kind whatsoever not already in the public domain contained in the Work owned by the relevant copyright owner (the “Owner”).

2. I acknowledge and agree that:

2.1 I am receiving the Confidential Information from the Owner on a confidential basis;

2.2 I will treat the Confidential Information as confidential;

2.3 I will not disclose, permit the disclosure, use and/or permit the use of the Confidential Information in any manner to any person without the Owner’s prior written consent;

2.4 I will ensure that all of my agents and/or employees who are made aware of the Confidential Information do so on terms which reflect the terms of this Deed; and

2.5 I will not directly and/or indirectly make any use of the Confidential Information without further written agreement with the Owner, for any purpose other than as contemplated by this Deed or otherwise than to comply with my obligations to the Owner.

3. I may only disclose the Confidential Information when, but only to the extent that, details of the Confidential Information are:

3.1 Generally and publicly known and available other than as a result of any act, omission or circumstance caused by myself; or

3.2 Required by law to be disclosed or made use of (and then only if I have secured execution by the required recipient of a deed of confidentiality in the same terms as the confidentiality requirements of this Deed).

4. In the event that any part of the Confidential Information is substantially similar to a project I have in any stage of development or production prior to the disclosure of the Confidential Information, nothing in this Deed prevents me from disclosing the similarities I identify to a third party with an interest in the relevant project or a requirement to know about the project details including but not limited to broadcasters, investors, distributors, commissioning platforms and/or development or production partners. I will provide equal disclosure of the similarities I have identified to the Owner of the Work. For the avoidance of doubt this exception to the obligations imposed by Clauses 1 to 3 shall not be interpreted as giving authority to myself to disclose the Work in its entirety.

5. In the event of a breach and/or threatened breach of the terms of this Deed by me, the Owner and/or the AWG will be entitled (at the option of either) to apply for an injunction restraining me from committing any breach and/or further breach of this Deed without the need under this Deed to show or prove any actual damage suffered by the Owner or the AWG;

5.1 My obligations under this Deed will survive the discontinuance by my evaluation of, and familiarisation with, the scripts accessed by me from the Pathways Database; and

5.2 The agents, executors and assigns.

6. I warrant that any physical and/or electronic copies of Works will only be used solely by me for the purpose of potentially becoming attached to the script for its production and will not be communicated, transmitted nor disclosed to any third parties.

7. I indemnify the Owner of the Work and/or the AWG against any breach of any warranty given by me under this Deed.

   I have read, accept and agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Pathways Database set out in this Deed.

Tasmanian filmmakers hopeful after ALP promise | ArtsHub Australia

Tickets are on sale for the National Play Festival 21-24 March 2018 Sydney. Book yours now to avoid disappointment!…

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Australian showrunners Ellie Beaumont and Judi McCrossin set for LA in global industry initiative! @awgpathways

Retweeted by Aus Writers' Guild

Indie theatre artists take over @griffintheatre in April. “This next wave of artists doesn’t necessarily write play…

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Primary6:51 - 21.2.2018

Primary22:37 - 20.2.2018

Multi award-winning The Drover's Wife will be adapted for film, TV and into a book – the writer behind it all,…

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The Australian Writers' Guild is calling for entries for the 51st Annual AWGIE Awards.

Australia scores highly in global production rankings for thrillers and horror

Primary0:33 - 20.2.2018

The Australian Writers' Guild is calling for entries for the 51st Annual AWGIE Awards. Open to produced works across film, television, documentary, theatre, radio, interactive and children's television, each year these prestigious awards celebrate and honour the very best in Australian stage and screen writing. The only industry awards given by writers to writers, the AWGIE Awards are judged exclusively on the basis of the writer’s own vision, the script. In 2018 entries are open to all eligible produced works that finished principal photography or production or had a first performance in 2017. See below the Conditions of Entry for details.

Entries for the 51st Annual AWGIE Awards close 19 March @AWG_1

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BBC pushes into Australian production sector | ArtsHub Australia

Primary4:53 - 16.2.2018

It's a new year with exciting opportunities for Queensland writers - it's also a near brand new Development Team at Screen Queensland since our last panel event with them. And here's your exclusive chance to have an evening with the SQ Development Team with a focus solely on writers! Come see and meet Jo Dillon - EVP of Content and the new team members - hear about their backgrounds and journeys in the industry, what they do in their daily roles at Screen Queensland, and most importantly, how they could help you take your writing project to the next level - and even to the screen. The focus will also largely be on allowing you plenty of time to ask the questions you want the answers to in a friendly, informal environment.

Theatre remount culture needs a reboot | ArtsHub Australia

For 15 years, the UK has been debating policy initiatives to secure children’s content for the future against marke…

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Primary22:38 - 15.2.2018

The tradition continues! Since 1984, Victoria's wordsmiths and thespians have put down their scripts for an annual clash of willow and wits in the battle for arguably the most sought-after trophy in the screen and theatre industry: The Credit. Come for the cricket, stay for the between-innings BBQ - or vice-versa!

Entries for the @AWG_1's 51st Annual AWGIE Awards close 19 March

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Primary5:09 - 15.2.2018

Selling web series overseas | Screen News – Screen Australia via @ScreenAustralia

Why Screen Australia backs the films it does | Screen News – Screen Australia via @ScreenAustralia

Nice article on Sci-Fi writing here with featuring Pathways writers @CSMcMullen

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ABC pledges to boost investment in local production

A big congratulations to all the AWG members headed to New York next month for the Australian International Screen…

Primary22:30 - 8.2.2018

You might not care about House Husbands but axing it doesn't bode well for Australian TV | Luke Buckmaster

Survey released for the Emerging Sector Review - have your say - Screenwest

The @AWG_1 and @awgpathways have released the nominees for the 2018 Monte Miller awards. Congrats to all the nomin…

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Primary23:07 - 21.1.2018

There is a real risk that the government will remove or change the policies that have successfully supplied Australian children with Australian content for decades. We want Australian stories on Australian Screens. We want Australian children dreaming Australian dreams. TAKE ACTION and contact your local member to ask their help to save children's content! #SaveKidsTV

Primary4:33 - 17.1.2018

Primary4:23 - 9.1.2018

Primary22:52 - 8.1.2018

Love writers? Love rights? Come and work at the Australian Writers' Guild! We're looking for an Industrial, Policy & Advocacy Manager.

Primary12:28 - 8.1.2018

Just over half an hour to go until entries for Laugh Out Loud close! If you have experienced any technical difficulties with your entry or the membership discount this evening, please email your details and entry to and we’ll process the entry for you in the morning.

Primary6:05 - 8.1.2018

Today's your last chance to enter the Laugh Out Loud Comedy Writing Competition with entries closing at 11.59pm tonight! $5000 in development funding, the chance to pitch your project to ABC and the opportunity to be on Pathways all up for grabs! More info and entries here:

Primary3:01 - 7.1.2018

Only one day to go! Entries for the LAUGH OUT LOUD #Comedy writing competition close midnight tomorrow, with $5000 + the chance to pitch to ABC & become eligible for Pathways up for grabs! Info & entry here:

Primary0:46 - 7.1.2018

UPDATE: The AWG website is now up and running again, and all entries for Laugh Out Loud can be made through the website. The competition closes midnight tomorrow, Monday 8 January. If you have any other questions regarding the Laugh Out Loud competition, please contact

Primary22:30 - 19.12.2017

Tonight! Bar tab and Santa sackful of cool door prizes (including Final Draft (download), Associate Membership to the AWG, movie tickets and DVDs!) all at the AWG Qld Xmas Party and Screen Industry End of Year Drinks. Members and non-members welcome. Film, TV theatre, gaming/interactive peeps from all stages of careers welcome.

Primary5:04 - 15.12.2017

Keen to bust out your #comedy chops? Australian Writers' Guild are looking for half hour narrative comedies (series or web series) with $5000 + the chance to pitch to ABC & become eligible for Pathways up for grabs! LAUGH OUT LOUD info & entry here:

Primary0:51 - 14.12.2017

Mandate a code of conduct or lose funding, says Screen Australia. A beginning, but there's more to be done, says writer Sophie Mathisen.

Primary5:57 - 13.12.2017

Primary0:10 - 13.12.2017

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