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A great incentive to get reading Aussie plays from @griffintheatre Griffin Theatre : Script Club 2017

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Primary2:56 - 25.5.2017

A great read on last year's Feature Film Original AWGIE Award winner Ali's Wedding, written by Andrew Knight and Osamah Sami, which you can catch at the Sydney Film Festival this June!

Hungry to write your next play but can't get going? Fresh out of ideas? Check out our 8-wk course with Hilary Bell:

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Congratulations to everyone nominated for #stkildafilmfest. We're excited to be sponsoring the Best Screenplay Awar…

Showrunners Share the Worst Advice They've Gotten and Best Advice They Give

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The interactive writing panel we did for the Australian Writers Guild (@AWG_1) in Sydney is up if you’re interested:

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The Federal Government has today announced its review of Australian and Children’s Screen Content

How Leah Purcell went from C-average student to $140,000 prize-winning playwright

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Diversity on stage: who's afraid of color-blind casting?

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Congratulations to all AWG members who won and were shortlisted for the NSW Premiere's Literary Awards!

Congratulations to Shelley Birse on winning the 2017 Betty Roland Prize for Scriptwriting!

Congratulations to Leah Purcell on winning the 2017 Nick Enright Prize for playwriting!

Primary0:47 - 23.5.2017

A big congratulations to Guild members Leah Purcell and Shelley Birse on winning awards at last night's NSW Premiere's Literary Awards!

SUNSET STRIP – Love, family dysfunction & prosthetic breasts. On @griffintheatre 14 June – 1 July. Get tickets:…

Primary23:00 - 22.5.2017

Sydney friends make sure you check out AWG member Suzie Miller's upcoming play SUNSET STRIP at Griffin Theatre Company this June! The Uncertainty Principle & Griffin Independent present Suzie Miller’s SUNSET STRIP – a play about love, sisterhood and making the best of a shitty situation. 14 June – 1 July Griffin Theatre Company Info at:

The Drover’s Wife is the first play to win Book of the Year #NSW #PremiersLitAwards. Enjoy this thank you message b…

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2017 Betty Roland Prize for Scriptwriting is shared by joint winner Down Under by @AbeForsythe (Riot Film Pty Ltd) #NSW #PremiersLitAwards

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We chatted to @LallyKatz about #mtcMinnieLiraz, writing family and friends into plays and meeting Miley Cyrus.

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This week #GTCRice playwright Michele Lee is taking over the Grif-instagram from the rehearsal room!

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Primary1:34 - 22.5.2017

Part two airs tonight!

Primary0:51 - 22.5.2017

Primary0:48 - 22.5.2017

With text by AWG member Hilary Bell, SEVEN STORIES combines music, storytelling and film in a powerful world premiere that is at once visceral, engaging, funny and otherworldly. City Recital Hall, 3 June 7:30pm.

Primary0:20 - 22.5.2017

Congrats to our member Ben Young - his first feature will be available in selected cinemas in Syd, Melb and Hobart from June 1. We have some double passes to a preview screening in Sydney this wed at 7pm at Dendy Newtown! Email by COB today

Primary7:01 - 17.5.2017

WA: Come see the new office, meet the team and network with peers and the industry. 6pm, Thur, 1st June!

Congratulations @MireilleJuchau and Alana Valentine, awarded the 2017 Charles Perkins Centre Writers in Residence

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Primary0:18 - 16.5.2017

Congratulations to AWG member Stephen Irwin! Thank you Rae Johnston for the article

Primary6:00 - 15.5.2017

Primary4:33 - 15.5.2017

Primary23:32 - 14.5.2017

Part one of Oscar nominee and Guild member Luke Davies's story airs tonight. A remarkable story not to be missed! #AustralianStory

Primary3:39 - 12.5.2017

If you missed it in Sydney, here it is - our first Games and Interactive Event via podcast! Enjoy!

Primary13:25 - 10.5.2017

Congratulations Darlene!

Primary1:09 - 10.5.2017

'Ali's Wedding' last year's AWGIE winner in Feature Film - Original - by Andrew Knight and Osamah Sami - trailer has been released! Take a look.

Primary0:53 - 9.5.2017

Primary3:07 - 8.5.2017

#FairGoFairfax #SaveTheSMH

Primary1:15 - 8.5.2017

RSVP now as places are limited!

Primary3:15 - 3.5.2017

An interesting read. Thank you Screen Australia for publishing it.

Primary1:23 - 2.5.2017

Meet Louise Fox and Vicki Madden next week in Melbourne!

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