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C. In so doing, I agree that I may acquire access to confidential ideas, material and/or information contained within the Work which I would not otherwise have had access to (as further defined under clause 1, the “Confidential Information”).

D. This deed sets out the terms under which I agree to deal with the Confidential Information.


1. “Confidential Information" means any ideas, material and/or information of any kind whatsoever not already in the public domain contained in the Work owned by the relevant copyright owner (the “Owner”).

2. I acknowledge and agree that:

2.1 I am receiving the Confidential Information from the Owner on a confidential basis;

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2.3 I will not disclose, permit the disclosure, use and/or permit the use of the Confidential Information in any manner to any person without the Owner’s prior written consent;

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2.5 I will not directly and/or indirectly make any use of the Confidential Information without further written agreement with the Owner, for any purpose other than as contemplated by this Deed or otherwise than to comply with my obligations to the Owner.

3. I may only disclose the Confidential Information when, but only to the extent that, details of the Confidential Information are:

3.1 Generally and publicly known and available other than as a result of any act, omission or circumstance caused by myself; or

3.2 Required by law to be disclosed or made use of (and then only if I have secured execution by the required recipient of a deed of confidentiality in the same terms as the confidentiality requirements of this Deed).

4. In the event that any part of the Confidential Information is substantially similar to a project I have in any stage of development or production prior to the disclosure of the Confidential Information, nothing in this Deed prevents me from disclosing the similarities I identify to a third party with an interest in the relevant project or a requirement to know about the project details including but not limited to broadcasters, investors, distributors, commissioning platforms and/or development or production partners. I will provide equal disclosure of the similarities I have identified to the Owner of the Work. For the avoidance of doubt this exception to the obligations imposed by Clauses 1 to 3 shall not be interpreted as giving authority to myself to disclose the Work in its entirety.

5. In the event of a breach and/or threatened breach of the terms of this Deed by me, the Owner and/or the AWG will be entitled (at the option of either) to apply for an injunction restraining me from committing any breach and/or further breach of this Deed without the need under this Deed to show or prove any actual damage suffered by the Owner or the AWG;

5.1 My obligations under this Deed will survive the discontinuance by my evaluation of, and familiarisation with, the scripts accessed by me from the Pathways Database; and

5.2 The agents, executors and assigns.

6. I warrant that any physical and/or electronic copies of Works will only be used solely by me for the purpose of potentially becoming attached to the script for its production and will not be communicated, transmitted nor disclosed to any third parties.

7. I indemnify the Owner of the Work and/or the AWG against any breach of any warranty given by me under this Deed.

   I have read, accept and agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Pathways Database set out in this Deed.

Primary4:51 - 22.9.2017

The 2017 Monte Miller Awards are now open for entries! 🎉 Open to scripts of all genres and formats, the Monte Miller Awards are dedicated to finding the best new scripts from AWG's Association Members. Head to the website for more information:

Australian screenwriting competitions worth entering? This one!!!!

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The 2017 Monte Miller Awards are officially open for entries! For more information and to enter head to:…

Primary4:03 - 22.9.2017

It’s time to polish off those final drafts and put your best script forward as the Australian Writers’ Guild’s 2017 Monte Miller Awards are officially open for entries. Dedicated to uncovering the best new scripts and talents among AWG’s Associate Membership, the 2017 Monte Miller Awards are your opportunity to put your work in the spotlight and showcase your talent to the industry. Find out more at:

Broadening the Horizons – Representing Disability on Screen

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.@BusStopFilms and @AWG_1 are hosting an event aimed at helping writers craft authentic characters with a disability

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He made his name in UK comedy, but today Ben Elton wants to #MakeItAustralian.

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The #Neighbours script team is proud to tell Aussie stories and employ heaps of Aussie writers! #MakeItAustralian

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Primary6:32 - 19.9.2017

'All over Australia, all over the industry, all over the age groups, sexes, aspirations and wider politics, the industry is on a campaigning roll' #MakeItAustralian

Make It Australian - fire, passion and good humour | ScreenHub Australia #MakeItAustralian

Thank you to all those involved in the #MakeItAustralian Perth Launch. Photos by Bianca Kartawiria.

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Wonderful speech for #MakeItAustralian from Shareena Clanton at the Melbourne launch.

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Primary1:21 - 19.9.2017

Primary0:55 - 19.9.2017

Parliamentary film and TV inquiry’s report will focus on jobs and growth

Gillian Armstrong and Marta Dusseldorp on @Lateline last night on the launch of the #MakeItAustralian campaign

Gillian Armstrong: We have hundreds of film schools and drama schools and a lot [of graduates] are going straight to Hollywood #lateline

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We need Australian content quotas & funding so we can tell our own stories #makeitaustralian and while you're at it…

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Gillian Armstrong: "Do we want our kids only finding out about the senior prom and maple syrup on pancakes? #lateline

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Gillian Armstrong: "I wouldn't be here without government controls and government funding and neither would Nicole Kidman." #lateline

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Director Gillian Armstrong: "We need protection of our talent -- but also, our stories are out culture." #lateline

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Primary4:32 - 18.9.2017

Primary1:39 - 18.9.2017

Joining us tonight at the launch of the #MakeItAustralian campaign? Make sure you're up to date with the latest times and venues around the country: SYDNEY: 6pm, Event Cinemas George Street MELBOURNE: 3pm, ACMI PERTH: 4pm, Luna Cinemas, Oxford Street, Leederville ADELAIDE: 5pm, Media Resource Centre BRISBANE: 6pm, William Galloway Auditorium, QCU HOBART: 5.30pm, Fullers Bookshop

Primary23:44 - 17.9.2017

Primary6:33 - 15.9.2017

Primary5:40 - 15.9.2017

Writers, performers, producers, directors and crew are joining forces to campaign for the future of the screen industry. The campaign will be launched on Monday 18 September at venues around the country. Join Australian Writers' Guild, Australian Directors' Guild, Screen Producers Australia and MEAA by registering yourself to attend the event near you. Events to be held across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart, Perth and Adelaide. #MakeItAustralian

Primary0:07 - 15.9.2017

Entries for the 2018 NSW Premier's Literary Awards are open, including the 2018 Nick Enright Prize for Playwriting and the 2018 Betty Roland Prize for Scriptwriting. Entries close Friday 13 October 2017.

Primary0:11 - 13.9.2017

Screen Australia’s Indigenous Department are calling for Indigenous screen content makers from around the country who are passionate about environmental issues to apply for a special factual initiative – State of Alarm. Previous screen credits are not essential, but applicants are required to submit a pitch video outlining their concept.

Primary6:33 - 12.9.2017

Join us tomorrow night as we chat to one of the nations's best writers, Andrew Bovell. Andrew’s staggering body of work across film, theatre, and television, places him at the very pinnacle of our industry. Andrew is the critically acclaimed writer or co-writer of The Secret River, Lantana, Edge Of Darkness, The Book Of Revelation, Iris, Strictly Ballroom, and Who's Afraid of the Working Class? Andrew, in discussion with playwright and director Brett Cousins, will draw from his 30 years of writing experience, including his journey into the industry, his fight with crippling writers block, and advice on how to achieve excellence in your writing.

Primary1:06 - 12.9.2017

Bus Stop Films and Write Night (AWG) are hosting a free event aiming to help screenwriters craft authentic characters with a disability, confidently. To have a diverse film and TV landscape we need to give writers the tools and confidence to write diverse and authentic stories! Join us for an illuminating keynote by the Guardian's film critic, Luke Buckmaster on the representation of disability in Australian Cinema, followed by a panel discussion with esteemed filmmakers Daniel Monks, Emily Dash, disability arts veteran Alison Richardson and Creative Director of Robot Army Ryan Chamley . Hosted by Genevieve Clay-Smith, Co-Founder of Bus Stop Films and 2015 NSW Young Australian of the year.

Primary1:05 - 12.9.2017

Primary6:29 - 11.9.2017

Primary23:36 - 10.9.2017

Want to learn from the best? Come along Wednesday night and spend an evening with Andrew Bovell, 13 September, 6.45pm, at the Dan O’Connell. Andrew, in discussion with playwright and director Brett Cousins, will draw from his 30 years of writing experience, including his journey into the industry, his fight with crippling writers’ block, and advice on how to achieve excellence in your writing.

Primary6:15 - 8.9.2017

Huddle against the darkness and gather around the fireside in one of Tasmania’s most historic (and haunted) hotels with three of Australia's most prominent genre writers (Vicki Madden, Shayne Armstrong and Shane Krause) and listen to tales that promise to send a chill up your spine and heed ominous words about how to create terrifying tales and sinister stories of your own. You'll uncover the secrets of how and why genre premises live or die in the national and international film and TV industry as well as how to set and write scenes that wreak maximum tension. There will be sweat-inducing tales from the industry to share and then – if you dare – stay the night in one of Tasmania's oldest and most haunted pubs. This unique overnight experience will begin at 4pm (just before twilight) where introductions will be made, followed by a pub meal before retiring to an open fire in an historic convict pub. Next morning (if there is one) there will be one on one meetings with our ghoulish guests to discuss your own project. When: 4pm Saturday 14 October to midday Sunday 15 October 2017 Where: The Ross Hotel, 35 Church Street, Ross, Tasmania (approximately an hour south of Launceston and 1.5 hours north of Hobart) The Tasmanian Genre Writing Retreat is supported by the Tasmanian Government through Screen Tasmania

Primary1:23 - 8.9.2017

Primary1:15 - 8.9.2017

We've got your Friday listening sorted! OzPod has 34 of the best, brightest and most innovative names in podcasting in Australia and from around the world presenting a full day of panels, presentations and workshops. Listen along on ABC Extra or through the ABC listen app. For updates follow @OzPodConference on Twitter or join the conversation using #OzPod2017.

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