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Supporting Screenwriters to write about health issues

Victoria University's Institute for Health and Sport (IHES) want to hear from all sorts of screenwriters (including writers for short films, feature films, television and online content) and at all career stages/levels who are writing scripts for all kinds of genres.

NCIS: Sydney AWG President Statement

CBS Studios’ announcement today that Paramount+ will bring the NCIS franchise to Australia is a massive vote of confidence in the Australian industry.

RMIT: Scripts needed for Script Evaluation Project

RMIT is currently seeking Feature film screenplays or TV pilot scripts to receive FREE comprehensive evaluation as part of RMIT’s Advanced Diploma of Screenwriting 2022 Script Evaluation subject.

Government TV Proposal Falls Short

The Australian Writers’ Guild is disappointed by the minor reforms proposed in the Streaming Services Reporting and Investment Scheme put forward by Minister Fletcher today.

The Hollywood Breakthrough Program UNTAPPED 2022 announced

Australians in Film and Screen Australia announced today the return of UNTAPPED, the breakthrough professional development program for undiscovered and historically excluded Australian writers and directors.