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Meet your winners of the 56th Annual AWGIE Awards

Palawa playwright Dylan Van Den Berg has swept the Australian Writers’ Guild’s annual AWGIE Awards, taking home three prizes including the prestigious David Williamson Prize for Excellence in Writing for Australian Theatre for  Whitefella Yella Tree.

Your guide to the 56th Annual AWGIE Awards

The Australian Writers’ Guild is excited to welcome our nominees, members and guests to celebrate the 56th Annual AWGIE Awards this Thursday 15 February 2024.

David Williamson Prize-supported play Big Yikes! opens next month

The Australian Writers’ Guild is delighted that Playlab Theatre’s latest mainstage production, Big Yikes! will open next month on 13 March at the Brisbane Powerhouse.

Six screen creatives selected for the 2024 SBS Emerging Writers’ Incubator initiative

SBS has today announced the six screenwriters selected for the third year of the SBS Emerging Writers’ Incubator. The successful creatives were chosen from hundreds of submissions, and during 2024, they will each join a leading Australian production company acclaimed for their Australian drama, for a year of paid employment as they further develop their careers in the sector.

Writers of The Great, The New Boy, Colin From Accounts, Whitefella Yella Tree, Blueback, and Crazy Fun Park among nominees for the 56th Annual AWGIE Awards

An exciting field of Australian screen and stage writers have been recognised as nominees for the 56th Annual AWGIE Awards, to be presented next month in Sydney. Over 70 new and outstanding works are celebrated from a cohort of storytellers that includes emerging and debut writers who are bursting onto the scene, as well as multi-AWGIE Award winners and much-admired Guild members, a testament to the strength of our writing community and its significance at the heart of our industry.



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8 August 2019 AWGIE Award tickets, the future of playwriting, and more

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16 May 2019 Election 2019, Superannuation Entitlements and more

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21 March 2019 Pathways Showcase US launch, Patricia Cornelius wins $234,000 prize and more

7 March 2019 Monte Miller winners announced, AWGIE Awards and more

21 February 2019 AWGIE Awards open for entries, Monte Miller shortlist, AWGACS update and more

7 February 2019 AWG and AWGACS Board welcomes and farewells, 2018 in review and more

24 January 2019 Shane Brennan elected AWG President, 2019 rates and contracts available and more


13 December 2018 Happy Holidays, Lost & Found, The Sweet Spot and more

29 November 2018 WIFT inquiry, Raising Films Australia, Playwrights forum and more

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1 November 2018 John Hinde Award winner announced, Australian stories on Netflix, Scripted Ink. and more

18 October 2018 Monte Miller Awards, Raising Films Australia survey and more

4 October 2018 Monte Miller Awards, The One with Alexa Junge video, Diversity Showcase and more

20 September 2018 2018 Monte Miller Awards open, Scripted Ink. hothouse for drama writers and more

6 September 2018 2018 AWGIE Award winners, Sue Smith receives Lifetime Achievement Award, Scripted Ink. and more

16 August 2018Last chance for AWGIE Award tickets, Scripted Ink. funding, Talent LA 2018 and more

2 August 2018 John Hinde Award entries closing, Event Cinemas joins 2018 AWGIE Awards and more

19 July 2018 AWG launches DIAC Committee, Diversity Showcase participants announced, AWGIE Awards tickets and more

5 July 2018 2018 AWGIE Award nominations, 2018 John Hinde Award, Make it Australian goes to Parliament and more

21 June 2018 Talent LA 2018, Script to Screen, Make it Australian and more

7 June 2018 The one with Alexa Junge, Scripted Ink., Talent LA 2018 and more

24 May 2018 Foxtel Presents...the one with Alexa Junge, Script to Screen 2018 and more

10 May 2018 Diversity Showcase, Raising Films Australia, Scripted Ink. and more

26 April 2018 Diversity Showcase, big plans for Scripted Ink. in 2018 and more

12 April 2018 Equity Foundation Diversity Showcase, 2018 National Voice report and more

29 March 2018 Make It Australian Open Letter, Big Screen Dreaming and more

15 March 2018 AWGIE Entries closing soon, Monte Miller highlights and more 

1 March 2018 Monte Miller Awards recipients, Script to Screen, Scripted Ink. and more

15 February 2018 AWGIE Awards call for entries, Monte Miller Awards shortlist, Screen Australia code of conduct and more

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11 January 2018 Happy New Year, minimum rates updated, Laugh Out Loud and more


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28 September 2017 Monte Miller Awards, Adelaide Film Festival and more

14 September 2017 Make It Australian National Day of Action, Save Kids TV, Monte Miller Awards and more

31 August 2017 AWGIE Awards recap and more

17 August 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award announced, RMIT residency, AWGIE Awards and more

3 August 2017 Screen and Entertainment Industry unites over calls to abolish Kids’ TV, John Hinde Award, Scripted Ink. and more

20 July 2017 Mindframe resources for screenwriters, Scripted ink., #SaveKidsTV and more

6 July 2017 John Hinde Award launch, AWGIE Award tickets on sale, Scripted Ink. and more

22 June 2017 AWGIE Award nominees revealed and tickets on sale, Scripted Ink., and more

8 June 2017 Crafting intangibles, #SaveKidsTV, WA Office launch and more

25 May 2017 #SaveKidsTV, NSW Premier’s Literary Award, AWG Sponsorship and more

11 May 2017 Script Showcase winners, #SaveKidsTV, Congratulations to members and more

27 April 2017 INSITE Award, Navigating Interactive Writing and more

13 April 2017 Parliamentary Inquiry into the Growth and Sustainability of the Industry, INSITE Award, and Happy Easter!

30 March 2017 Big Day In for Victorian Pathways, WA Screen Industry Diversity Roadmap and more

16 March 2017 AWG unveils new tagline, Script Auction and more

2 March 2017 50th Annual AWGIE Award Call for Entries, What’s the Story announcement and more

16 February 2017 Prime Time announcement, Luke Davies wins BAFTA Award and more

3 February 2017 50th Annual AWGIE Awards Call for Entries, Industrial advice for members and more

12 January 2017 Happy New Year, 50th Annual AWGIE Awards, 2017 minimum rates and more


22 December 2016 Season’s Greetings from AWG, The National Voice and more

1 December 2016 AWG and Scripted Ink. receive Enterprise funding, Meet the Writers and more

17 November 2016 Prime Time competition heats up, AWG tagline competition and more

3 November 2016 What’s the Story? competition, congratulations to members and more

20 October 2016AWGIE Awards recap and more 

6 October 2016 AWGIE Awards, congratulations to members and more

22 September 2016Prime Time closes in two weeks and more

8 September 2016 Scripted Ink., AWGIE Awards and more

25 August 2016 Agency head slams copyright changes and more

11 August 2016 AWG strikes Theatre Industry Agreement, AWGIE Award tickets now on sale and more

28 July 2016 2016 AWGIE Award nominees revealed August 1, call to protect copyright in Europe and more

14 July 2016 Screenwriters’ fight goes to mediation, Mona Brand Award open for nominations and more 

30 June 2016 2016 John Hinde open for entries, Louise Fox masterclass and more

17 June 2016 #IStandWithTheArts and more

27 May 2016 AWG pledges fight will continue, AWGACS pledges fight will continue more

28 April 2016 Welcome to new members, 2016 Logies, Productivity Commission and more

14 April 2016 Monte Miller call for entries, AWG receives international support for legal case and more 

31 March 2016 2016 National Voice, Tim Pye on running a writers room and more

18 March 2016 2016 NSC recap, Shane Brennan announces Scripted Ink., and more

3 March 2016 AWG launches Interactive media group and more

25 February 2016 2015 John Hinde winners, new film tax offset and more

11 February 2016 New Australian theatre commission, Pathblazers and more

28 January 2016 WDW campaign for fairer pay and more

14 January 2016 Welcome to the first AWG newsletter of 2015 and more

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15 February 2024  Meet your winners of the 56th Annual AWGIE Awards

13 February 2024  Your guide to the 56th Annual AWGIE Awards

11 February 2024  David Williamson Prize-supported play Big Yikes! opens next month

05 February 2024  Six screen creatives selected for the 2024 SBS Emerging Writers’ Incubator initiative

16 January 2024  Writers of The Great, The New Boy, Colin From Accounts, Whitefella Yella Tree, Blueback, and Crazy Fun Park among nominees for the 56th Annual AWGIE Awards

14 January 2024  $10,000 John Hinde Award for sci-fi screenwriting opens for entries!

07 January 2024  2024 minimum rates and contracts now available on the AWG website


20 December 2023  Season's Greetings from the Australian Writers' Guild

12 December 2023  Screenwriter Peter Mattessi elected President of the Australian Writers' Guild

11 December 2023  Applications open for The Creators program

20 November 2023  Vale Alison Nisselle OAM, a tribute by Glen Dolman

16 October 2023  Five minutes with...playwright Maxine Mellor

11 October 2023  2023 Monte Miller Award winners announced: $10k in script development funding for Australia's top unproduced screenplays

03 October 2023  Five Minutes With...Last Year's Monte Miller Award Winner James Cripps

02 October 2023  Five Minutes With...last year's Monte Miller Award Winner Rhianna Malezer

28 September 2023  Australian Writers’ Guild rejects unregulated AI in the creative sector

28 September 2023  Australian books and plays used to train AI systems

24 September 2023  AWG welcomes tentative agreement between WGA and AMPTP

20 September 2023  Vale Tom Hegarty

20 September 2023  What's On: Writing for Games and Narrative Design

17 September 2023  High-quality screen projects shortlisted for premier Awards for emerging Australian writers

13 June 2023  Screenwriters Everywhere stand in solidarity with the WGA

10 June 2023  Join Screenwriters internationally in support of the WGA

06 June 2023  Vale Patrick Edgeworth

28 May 2023  Vale Mac Gudgeon 1949 - 2023

16 May 2023  How to reset your Password

13 May 2023  Screen Australia and SBS announce applications open for Emerging Writers' Incubator

09 May 2023  AWG Website Update: Ongoing maintenance

02 May 2023  AWG statement on WGA Strike

20 March 2023  The Creators Participants Announced


01 December 2022  Digital Games Tax Offset

20 November 2022  Screen Australia and Australian Writers' Guild announce The Creators initiative

16 November 2022  Writers of Girl Like You, Horizon, The Newsreader, Fires, Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris and Ithaka among winners at the 55th Annual AWGIE Awards

29 October 2022  Monte Miller Awards Announced: $10k in script development for Australia's best unproduced scripts

27 October 2022  Six emerging screen creatives announced for 2022 Emerging Writers’ Incubator initiative

30 September 2022  Vale Peter Yeldham, a tribute by Roger Simpson with Angela Wales and Geoffrey Atherden

28 September 2022  Writers of The Newsreader, Heartbreak High, Playing Beatie Bow, Fires, The Drover’s Wife: The Legend of Molly Johnson, Ithaka, and Little J & Big Cuz among nominees for the 55th Annual AWGIE Awards

25 September 2022  NCIS: Sydney S1 to welcome emerging screenwriters as part of new Screen Australia initiative

19 September 2022  David Williamson Prize-supported play Jailbaby announced for Griffin's 2023 season

06 September 2022  AWG announces First Break WA participants

11 August 2022  Dystopic thriller Kin wins top Australian sci-fi screenwriting award

10 August 2022  Vale Philip Dalkin

10 August 2022  NZ Screen Industry Workers Bill

03 August 2022  National Cultural Policy - Have Your Say

11 July 2022  $60,000 Shane & Cathryn Brennan Prize for Playwriting Winners Announced

03 July 2022  First Break WA launches today: Presented by the Australian Writers' Guild and Screenwest

03 May 2022  AWG announces First Break NSW Participants

28 April 2022  Update on the Streaming Services Reporting and Investment Scheme discussion paper

25 April 2022  SBS Emerging Writers’ Incubator returns, supporting greater diversity in Australian screenwriting

01 March 2022  First Break: Presented by the Australian Writers' Guild and Screen NSW

23 February 2022  Supporting Screenwriters to write about health issues

15 February 2022  NCIS: Sydney AWG President Statement

06 February 2022  Government TV Proposal Falls Short

01 February 2022  The Hollywood Breakthrough Program UNTAPPED 2022 announced

27 January 2022  COVID-Safe Writers’ Rooms and Your Right to a Safe Workplace


14 December 2021  Vale Chrissy Sharp: A tribute by Ian David

14 December 2021  Vale Doug MacLeod: A tribute by Mark O'Toole

07 December 2021  Writers of Cursed!, The Dry, New Gold Mountain, The Great and Nitram among winners at the 54th Annual AWGIE Awards

01 December 2021  Success: TV Producer Offset

25 October 2021  Writers of The Dry, Nitram, Wakefield, The Great, New Gold Mountain, Cursed! and Here Out West among nominees for the 54th Annual AWGIE Awards

18 October 2021  AWG announces Claire Pullen as Executive Director

27 September 2021  Six emerging screen creatives announced for 2021 Emerging Writers’ Incubator initiative

21 September 2021  Screen Australia and Australians in Film announce recipients of inaugural Talent Gateway and Global Producers Exchange initiatives

24 August 2021  Minimum Rates for Freelance Narrative Designer - Games and Interactive

03 August 2021  Entries open for Australia’s richest sci-fi screenwriting award.

12 July 2021  AWG Farewells Group CEO Jacqueline Elaine

10 May 2021  Screen Australia and Australians in Film launch Talent Gateway and Global Producers Exchange

20 April 2021  Monte Miller Award winners announced: Exceptional craft on display

11 April 2021  Win! Producer offset for feature film is retained

24 March 2021  AWG at Parliament House

15 March 2021  Screen creatives visit Canberra to call for action on local content

04 March 2021  Actors make it four in a row with Entertainment Ashes win

16 February 2021  New Emerging Screenwriters’ Incubator initiative brings industry together to invest in diverse writing talent

18 January 2021  Calling on all Game Developers. Help us to raise your game.

17 January 2021  2021 minimum rates and contracts now available on AWG website


07 December 2020  Writers of Prima Facie, Hearts and Bones, Penguin Bloom, The Hunting and Total Control among winners at the 53rd Annual AWGIE Awards

07 December 2020  Vale Cliff Green: A tribute by Mac Gudgeon and Roger Simpson

03 December 2020  You're invited to the 53rd Annual AWGIE Awards

02 December 2020  Climate Fiction series The Commons takes home $10,000 prize for Australian Sci-Fi screenwriting

30 November 2020  AWG responds to release of Media Reform Green Paper

29 September 2020  AWG responds to Government’s screen content announcement

28 September 2020  David Williamson Prize-Supported Wonnangatta Opens At Sydney Theatre Company To Impressive Reviews

24 September 2020  Writers of Hearts and Bones, Acute Misfortune, Stateless, Total Control, The Heights, Prima Facie and Content among nominees for the 53rd Annual AWGIE Awards

14 September 2020  Outstanding mix of Audio projects announced as winners of $20,000 Podcast Writing Competition

28 July 2020  The spirit of Perseverance: Entries open for Australia’s richest sci-fi screenwriting award

15 July 2020  Vale Ken Shadie: A tribute by the Australian Writers' Guild and Paul Hogan

02 July 2020  AWG submission to the Supporting Australian Stories on our Screens Options Paper

02 July 2020  Screen groups present collaborative vision for the future

24 June 2020  AWG addresses Government’s $250m Arts and Entertainment package

09 June 2020  Vale Jock Blair, a tribute by Tom Hegarty

07 June 2020  Oscar-nominated screenwriter Jan Sardi recognised as part of Queen’s Birthday Honours

05 May 2020  Australian Writers’ Guild and Audible announce $20,000 podcast writing competition

05 May 2020  What's Australia's most bingeworthy homegrown film or TV show?

04 May 2020  Vale Ken Methold

23 April 2020  AWG Theatre Streaming Guidelines

14 April 2020  AWG on quotas, SVODs and the Arts crisis

19 March 2020  Australian screen industry bands together to seek Government support

25 February 2020  $35k in script development for winners of Australia’s top awards for unproduced scripts

17 February 2020  PWA Board releases REA consulting review

12 February 2020  High-quality television concepts dominate shortlist for premier awards for emerging writers


21 November 2019  David Williamson Prize-supported Packer & Sons opens at Belvoir

19 November 2019  Award-winning multilinear narrative experience Eleven Eleven takes home Australia’s richest sci-fi screenwriting prize

14 November 2019  Powerhouse screenwriting projects to be showcased at inaugural industry mixer

13 November 2019  AWGACS Members re-elected to Screenrights Board

30 September 2019  Scripted Ink injects $35k in script development funding into annual Monte Miller Awards

21 August 2019  "Writers of The Harp in the South, The Favourite, True History of the Kelly Gang, and The Cry among winners at the 52nd Annual AWGIE Awards"

11 July 2019  "Writers of The Favourite, Hotel Mumbai, The Cry, Rosehaven and The Harp in the South among nominees for 52nd Annual AWGIE Awards"

08 July 2019  Entries open for Australia’s richest sci-fi screenwriting award

11 April 2019  Matt Ford wins inaugural Hothouse Drama Program

29 January 2019  AWG and AWGACS Board welcomes and farewells


18 December 2018  Victorian Screenwriter Meegan May wins coveted RMIT’s McCraith House Writer’s Residency

22 October 2018  Shortlist for sci-fi screenwriting award pushes exciting genre boundaries

17 September 2018  Australia's premier awards for unproduced scripts open for entries

29 August 2018  More than words: dialogue-free animated short film Lost & Found takes home AWG’s Major Award for writing


29 August 2016  New multi-million dollar initiative to help develop world-class Australian film and TV scripts