AWG Theatre Streaming Guidelines

23 April, 2020


Has a theatre company offered you a deal to stream your play online?

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, many theatre producers have been looking to stream recorded versions or live readings of plays. While the Australian Writers’ Guild is supportive of these initiatives, we also want to ensure that playwrights are being treated fairly. A play that is made available online for a lengthy period of time can have a significant impact on your future earnings and future licenses in other territories. 

We have therefore prepared a set of guidelines that you can refer to when negotiating a deal regarding the streaming of your work.

AWG members can access the guidelines on the Members Only Industrial Resources' page here. Please note you must be a current member and logged in to the AWG website to access these resources. 

Please also note that these guidelines are intended to apply only to the streaming of recorded versions of plays while the health restrictions due to COVID-19 are in place. They are not intended to cover streaming and online use of plays outside this period.
REMEMBER: You are entitled to free industrial advice as a member of the Guild (unlimited for full members / up to six hours for associate members). If you or your agent have questions about these guidelines or your contract, please contact us at [email protected].