Established by the Australian Writers’ Guild in 1996, the Authorship Collecting Society (AWGACS) is a not-for-profit collecting society for screenwriters. AWGACS collects and distributes international and domestic secondary royalties for Australian and New Zealand writers.

With more than 2,170 members and 34 partnerships with overseas collecting societies, AWGACS has collected more than $27 million in royalties and is expanding into new territories.

Membership is free, with contributions to AWGACS’ running costs from members’ royalties when we collect them.

Please ensure you provide us with a complete list of your credits to make it easier to identify payments that may be owing to you. You can update your credits list here

e: [email protected]
ph: 02 9319 0339 | 1300 552 228

There are a number of writers for whom AWGACS has collected secondary royalties, but we have not been able to contact. If you are on this list, let us know and we’ll get those royalties to you.