Supporting Screenwriters to write about health issues

23 February, 2022

Victoria University's Institute for Health and Sport (IHES) want to hear from all sorts of screenwriters (including writers for short films, feature films, television and online content) and at all career stages/levels who are writing scripts for all kinds of genres. Their current project aims to understand the needs, experiences and preferences of screenwriters who have written at least one script for screen where a health condition or issue was part of the storyline. 

Health issues and conditions can refer to physical health issues, such as cancer or cardiovascular disease, mental health issues such as depression or psychosis, and health risks like unsafe sex, substance use or physical violence. If you have written a story for screen incorporating a health issue, they would love to hear from you.  

This work will benefit screenwriters as results will be used to develop resources to help writers create more three-dimensional, nuanced, and original characters as well as authentic representations of health issues.

The interview will provide you with the opportunity to provide in-depth feedback on your experience of writing scripts depicting health issues, barriers to accessing accurate health information, people with lived experiences and what new resources you would like to be available to you. 

Your contributions will be highly valued as you help identify where gaps exist that could be addressed or resolved to improve the supports available to screenwriters. 

What will I be asked to do?

You will be invited to participate in a one-to-one interview. Interviews are anticipated to take up to one hour. Interviews will be conducted online or in person at a time and place that is convenient for you. Any information you provide will not be identifiable.

To learn more or participate

Please contact the Chief Investigator, Dr Michaela Pascoe ([email protected]) Phone (0473 400 121)