National Cultural Policy - Have Your Say

03 August, 2022

The Australian Writers' Guild is preparing its submission to the federal government regarding the development of a new national cultural policy. The policy is intended to be a comprehensive roadmap to guide the skills and resources required to transform and safeguard a diverse, vibrant and sustainable Australian arts sector now and into the future.   

We invite all members to share their views with us and contribute to our submission via this form. The deadline for submissions is 22 August 2022, and the government intends to launch a policy by the year’s end.

This is a great opportunity for us to show the government how important our performance writers are to Australian culture, to discuss the challenges that Australian writers face and the opportunities that Australian writers can take advantage of with more government support.    

The new policy will be shaped around five pillars: 

  • First Nations: recognising and respecting the crucial place of these stories at the centre of our arts and culture.
  • A place for every story: reflecting the diversity of our stories and the contribution of all Australians as the creators of culture.
  • The centrality of the artist: supporting the artist as a worker and celebrating their role as the creators of culture.
  • Strong institutions: providing support across the spectrum of institutions that sustain our arts and culture.
  • Reaching the audience: ensuring our stories reach the right people at home and abroad.

The Office of the Arts is facilitating Town Hall events to discuss the policy across Australia. To check dates and book tickets to upcoming events in Dubbo, Bathurst, Canberra, Albury Wodonga, Bendigo, Melbourne, Adelaide, Cairns, Perth, Broome and Darwin, go HERE