AWG welcomes tentative agreement between WGA and AMPTP

24 September, 2023

The President of the Australian Writers' Guild, Shane Brennan has welcomed the tentative agreement between the WGA and the AMPTP which could end the long running writers’ strike in the U.S.

'Australian writers join with film and television industry workers everywhere in applauding both the WGA and the AMPTP in hammering out an agreement to get people back to work,' Brennan said. 'Our membership has stood shoulder to shoulder with our WGA colleagues from the early days of the strike, supporting them in their determination to negotiate a fairer deal for writers.'

'An end to the strike will mean some projects, which were put on hold in Australia when the strike began, may well be able to gear back up,' Brennan said. He said some international projects will remain on hold due to the separate industrial action by screen actors in the U.S. who have been on strike since July.