AWGACS Membership

AWGACS is the right place to keep track of and collect your secondary royalties, particularly internationally; becoming a member will let us do this for you.  

Who Can Be An AWGACS Member

AWGACS collects for Australian and New Zealand film and television writers across all genres including:

  • feature films and short films;
  • television series;
  • serials;
  • miniseries and telemovies;
  • documentaries: shorts, features and series; and
  • children’s television programs.

If you have a produced credit for film or television you can become an AWGACS member.

AWG membership is separate to your membership with AWGACS. While you don’t have to be an AWG member to join AWGACS, we encourage writers to join the Guild to access the excellent services and opportunities available to Guild members.

What AWGACS Offers Its Members

As an individual writer, it is almost impossible to monitor and claim all the secondary royalties owed to you around the world, so AWGACS will actively pursue your secondary royalties using our sophisticated infrastructure and expertise. Don’t miss out on valuable secondary royalty income.

What We Require of Our Members

Our members agree to the AWGACS Articles of Association and this includes:

  • providing us with their current credits
  • returning payment forms in a timely manner
  • authorising AWGACS to pursue their secondary royalties with international partners around the world.

AWGACS is not-for-profit and membership is free. There are no joining fees or annual or ongoing fees. If you receive a secondary royalty payment from us, a small proportion is deducted for AWGACS’ operating costs.  The deduction includes a 5% levy towards the culture of Australian performance writing. These deductions will be clearly marked on your statements.

What Do AWGACS’ Operating Costs Cover?

The collection of overseas secondary royalties is complicated and painstaking work. Every territory has different laws and conventions. Each collecting society has different registration, collection and distribution requirements. There are also global standards and requirements for registration and identification of performance writers and scripts.

AWGACS has close to 2,170 Members and 50,000 works in its database. We register our members and their works with every international partner collecting society (over 30) as well as with international databases of works and authors, so that you will receive the maximum secondary royalty income due to you as it arises.