AWGACS Unable To Contact List

There are a number of writers for whom AWGACS has collected secondary royalties, but we have not been able to contact. If you are on this list, let us know and we’ll get these royalties to you.


Adam White

Attack (2010)

Alessandra Brook

Home and Away

Alex Barry

The Easybeats to AC/DC: The Story of Aussie Rock

Andrew Goodone

Pig's Breakfast (1998)

Andrew Kavanagh

Welcome Home Allen (2016)

Angela Martin

The Flying Doctors

Belinda Johns

Home and Away

Bert Deling


Bob Herbert (Estate)

Rebel (1985)

Brendan Fletcher

Oscar Wilde’s the Nightingale and the Rose (2014)

Brian Nankervis

Pig's Breakfast, Let the Blood Run Free

Bruce Morrison

New Zealand From Above

Cassandra Carter

Home and Away, Blue Heelers

Chris Bates

Always Greener

Christine Reid

Deadly Women

Dale Scott


David Alrich

Mythbusters, What's Good For You

David Byrne

The Travel Bug

David Douglas

Safety in Numbers (2005)

David Galloway

Surf Patrol

David Hannan

Antarctica Dreaming - Wildlife on Ice (2010)

Debra St John


Donna Malane

Time Trackers, Bloodlines, Tangiwai A Love Story

Edwina MacDonald

Backyard Science

Ericka Dobbins

Home and Away

Eva Friedman

Driven Crazy

Fiona Banks

Gabrielle Lloyd


Geoffrey Burchfield

What’s Your Poison?

George Clark

Home and Away

George Port

Valley of the Stereo (1992)

Gordon Glenn

From the Heart, The Magic Bullet

Grace Blacket

Home and Away

Greg Stevens (Estate)

Home and Away, Neighbours

Gregor Nicholas

Avondale Dogs (1994)

Harold Jordan

Mr & Mrs Murder

Harry West

All Saints

Heather Rose (Estate)

Dance Me to My Song (1998)

Ian Walker

Canberra Confidential (2013)

Ian Watson

Monster Bug Wars, Cool Stuff: How It Works

James Cohen 

Water Rats

James Cunningham

Infection (2000)

James McFarland

Kill Me Three Times (2014)

Jan Sharp (Estate)

Echoes of Paradise (1989)

Jane Morton

Janine Cohen

Packed to the Rafters

Jemaine Clement

What We Do in the Shadows (2014)

Jennifer Smart

Home and Away

Jenny Nicholson

Heartbreak High

Jesse Warn

Nemesis Game (2003)

Joel Kane (Estate)

Black Beauty (1987)

John Harris

Crash Investigation Unit

John Kim

Bait (2012)

John Lind

Pig's Breakfast

John Patterson (Estate)

Letters from Felix, New Macdonald's Farm, Toybox

Jonathan Rowdon

Birthplace of the Giants (2015)

Jonica Newby


Julia Redwood

Change My Race (2013)

Julia Simmons

Australia: Land of Parrots (2008)

Julie Phillips

The Flying Doctors

Karina Kelly


Kee Young

Little White Lies (1996), Weekend with Kate (1990)

Kieran Galvin

Myself Sometimes (2008)

Kitty Green

The Face of Ukraine (2015)

Kristy Gillespie


Kristy Gillespie


Laura West

Home and Away

Leonard Rosen

The Flying Doctors

Les Knight

Liz Arvidson


Louis Sutherland

Run, The Six Dollar Fifty Man

Luke McNee

The World’s Highest Race, Dream of Dakar

Lyndal Davies

Orangutan Red Alert (2003), Lyndal's Lifeline

Lynn Palmer

The Flying Doctors

Malcolm Hall

Animal Face Off

Marie Trevor

Prisoner, Neighbours, The Flying Doctors

Mark Horstman


Mark Lewis

Mary Dagmar-Davies (Estate)

Home and Away, The Flying Doctors

Matt Todd

Gabriel (2006)

Matthew Hawkins

Home and Away, Afterwards

Matthew Thomason

Captain Cook: Obsession and Discovery (2007)

Maurice Murphy

BeastMaster, 15 Amore

Michelle Klinger


Michelle Taylor

Driven Crazy

Mick Andrews

Dotty (2012)

Mick Molloy

Boytown (2005), Crackerjack (2002)

Neill Gladwin

Pig's Breakfast

Nick Robinson

Life on the Reef

Paul Lacy

Flipper and Lopaka, Skippy

Paul Lockyer (Estate)

Lake Eyre Australia’s Outback Wonder (2010)

Paul Milchem


Paul Western-Pittard

Get Ace

Paula Boock

Bloodlines (2010), The Strip, The Insiders Guide To Love

Peter Beveridge

The First Silent Night (2014)

Peter Pinney

The Flying Doctors

Peter Venn

World’s Worst Venom (2007)

Quinn Berentson

Modern Dinosaurs (2017)

Rachel Hardie

Destination Flavour: Scandinavia (2016)

Ray Nowland

Blinky Bill's Extraordinary Excursions

Rebecca Ciallella

Ned’s Head (2011)

Reg Watson (Estate)


Rhett Gable

Water Rats

Rhian Skirving

Change My Race (2013), Every Family’s Nightmare (2009)

Rhonda Byrne

Sensing Murder, The Secret (2006)

Richard Huddleston

Deadly Women

Richard Kempsey

Deadly Women

Richard Molloy

Boytown (2005), Crackerjack (2002)

Rod Zielinski

Neighbours, Breakers

Rowan McGillicuddy

My Kitchen Rules, Mad Mike and Mark 2

Sam Wilde

The Flying Doctors

Samuel De Brito (Estate)

White Collar Blue (2002/2003)

Sarah Ferguson

Hitting Home (2015)

Sasha Fegan

Deadly Women

Sheila Sibley (Estate)

A Country Practice, Prisoner

Simon McDonald

Stingers, Neighbours

Simon Raby

Headlong (1996)

Sonia Borg (Estate)

Colour in the Creek, The Way of the Birds (1998)

Steve Bibb

Hardliners (2010)

Steve Christiansen


Stuart Wilson


Te Arepa Kahi

Mt Zion, Taua

Terry Stapleton (Estate)

The Flying Doctors

Theo Baynton

The WotWots

Tim Adlide

Air (2001)

Tim Doyle

Travel Oz (2009)

Tim Nelson

Prodigy An Unauthorized Biography on Tiger Woods (2010)

Tim Watson


Toby Wallace

All Saints

Tony Johnston

The Siege of Firebase Gloria (1989)

Tony Simpson

Kiwi Christmas (2017)

Wayne Dyer

Trishna and Krishna The Quest for Separate Lives (2009)

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