What we do

AWGACS collects royalty income across a range of countries and a huge number of film and television titles then distributes them to members.

Secondary royalties (also known as statutory royalties in some cases) are a complex revenue source, governed by laws, conventions and agreements that differ between countries and collecting societies. Although each secondary royalty payment can be tiny, they can add up to a substantial payment to writers. It would be impossible for most writers to track down all the secondary royalties from so many sources and countries by themselves, which is why creators established collecting societies such as AWGACS to do this on their behalf.

Secondary royalties are separate to residuals (or primary royalties), which are what the producers are required to pay writers based on what they have negotiated in their contracts.

Our staff spend many hours researching production information to keep our vast database up to date. They research archives and the Internet, contact members, producers, broadcasters and staff of large and small production companies, then collate all the data in many forms and languages in order to pay each member their rightful secondary royalty entitlements.

AWGACS is a member of Writers And Directors Worldwide (WDW), an organisation within the international affiliation of collecting societies (CISAC). WDW campaigns around the world for fair remuneration for authors. You can find more information on WDW on their website.

How we work

AWGACS sets the highest standards. As well as the obligatory governance and financial standards required by law, including annual reports to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, we voluntarily submit ourselves to the Code of Conduct for Collecting Societies and annual reports to the Hon Kevin Lindgren QC for reviews and audits. We belong to the international Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers, the world’s leading network of authors’ societies, and abide by its professional rules and resolutions with annual compliance surveys and audits.

Members are welcome to attend our AGMs and can see our most recent policies, governance and compliance reports here:

AWGACS policies and reports

AWGACS submissions

Code of Conduct for Copyright Collecting Societies