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As the professional association for Australia’s performance writers, the Australian Writers’ Guild provides our members with extensive industrial support but also work to improve our screen and theatre industries as a whole and in doing so play our part in promoting Australia’s cultural voice.

We work with members to ensure that performance writers get the pay and conditions they deserve. Our members come together to work for and represent their fellow writers across the industry in a number of committees such as the Feature Film, Children’s Television and Playwrights committees. On behalf of our members we establish recommended minimum rates and conditions for writers. We provide model contracts for series and serials, children’s television, theatre and feature film. The AWG gives writers an active political voice by lobbying for the improved status of writers; for industry development and for the protection of writers’ creative rights.

We provide our members with free industrial advice related to their professional work including advice with individual contracts and credit arbitration. This advice is unlimited for full members and limited to 6 hours per year for associate members. Please note it does not include services of legal representation.

For further information please contact one of our Industrial Officers on 02 9319 0339 or

Industrial contracts and rates available to members

To access the below industrial contracts, rates and industrial resources, please log in to your membership account above. If you are not a current AWG member, you can join or renew your membership here.

Industrial Contracts

Negotiated Agreements

These agreements have been negotiated by the AWG with other organisations. The agreements covering television writing have been negotiated with Screen Producers Australia (SPA). The Theatre Industry Agreement was negotiated with the Australian Major Performing Arts Group (AMPAG).

  • MATA Agreement 2010 with 2021 rates
  • MATA Writer’s Contract 2010 with 2021 rates
  • SASA Agreement 1 January 2008 with 2021 rates
  • SASA Writers contract 2 January 2008 with 2021 rates
  • Children’s Television Agreement 2011 & Writers Contract with 2021 rates
  • Theatre Industry Agreement 2016
Recommended Agreements

The AWG recommended agreements provide writers with favourable terms which are a good starting point for negotiations with producers.

  • Feature Film Option Agreement – Including Assignment Deed
  • Feature Film Agreement
  • Script Editor Agreement
  • Short Film Writers’ Contract
  • Short Form Option Agreement Adaptation
  • Corporate Commercial Contract
  • Corporate Non-commercial Contract
Miscellaneous Agreements
  • AWG Rights Assignment Letter
  • Co-writers Agreement
  • Confidentiality Agreement


These are standard minimum rates the AWG has negotiated over many years, and are accepted as an industrial standard. They are the minimum rates that an Australian writer ought to receive and should by no means prevent you from negotiating a higher fee based on your experience.

  • Feature Film minimum Rates 2021
  • Low Budget and Short Film Rates 2021
  • Documentary Rates 2021
  • Corporate DVD Minimum Rates 2021
  • Theatre Industry Agreement Minimum Rates 2020
  • Children’s Television Agreement Rates 2021
  • MATA Minimum Rates 2021
  • SASA Rates 2021
  • Freelance Script Editors and Assessors 2021
  • Freelance Narrative Designer - Games and Interactive 2021

Members Only Industrial Resources

  • Screen Credits Manual
  • Moral Rights Accord
  • How should I format my script?
  • What is a synopsis?
  • Copyright Information
  • Finding a Producer

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