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15 March 2018 AWGIE Entries closing soon, Monte Miller highlights and more 

1 March 2018 Monte Miller Awards recipients, Script to Screen, Scripted Ink. and more

15 February 2018 AWGIE Awards call for entries, Monte Miller Awards shortlist, Screen Australia code of conduct and more

25 January 2018 Script to Screen, Save Kids TV and more

11 January 2018 Happy New Year, minimum rates updated, Laugh Out Loud and more


21 December 2017 Seasons Greetings from AWG, Scripted Ink. and more

7 December 2017 Laugh Out Loud call for entries, Safer Workplace Strategies forum and more

23 November 2017 AWG announced Pathways Prime and Showcase and more 

9 November 2017 John Hinde Award announced and more

26 October 2017 Make It Australian campaign takes fight to Canberra

12 October 2017 Adelaide Film Festival, Make It Australian, Scripted Ink. and more

28 September 2017 Monte Miller Awards, Adelaide Film Festival and more

14 September 2017 Make It Australian National Day of Action, Save Kids TV, Monte Miller Awards and more

31 August 2017 AWGIE Awards recap and more

17 August 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award announced, RMIT residency, AWGIE Awards and more

3 August 2017 Screen and Entertainment Industry unites over calls to abolish Kids’ TV, John Hinde Award, Scripted Ink. and more

20 July 2017 Mindframe resources for screenwriters, Scripted ink., #SaveKidsTV and more

6 July 2017 John Hinde Award launch, AWGIE Award tickets on sale, Scripted Ink. and more

22 June 2017 AWGIE Award nominees revealed and tickets on sale, Scripted Ink., and more

8 June 2017 Crafting intangibles, #SaveKidsTV, WA Office launch and more

25 May 2017 #SaveKidsTV, NSW Premier’s Literary Award, AWG Sponsorship and more

11 May 2017 Script Showcase winners, #SaveKidsTV, Congratulations to members and more

27 April 2017 INSITE Award, Navigating Interactive Writing and more

13 April 2017 Parliamentary Inquiry into the Growth and Sustainability of the Industry, INSITE Award, and Happy Easter!

30 March 2017 Big Day In for Victorian Pathways, WA Screen Industry Diversity Roadmap and more

16 March 2017 AWG unveils new tagline, Script Auction and more

2 March 2017 50th Annual AWGIE Award Call for Entries, What’s the Story announcement and more

16 February 2017 Prime Time announcement, Luke Davies wins BAFTA Award and more

3 February 2017 50th Annual AWGIE Awards Call for Entries, Industrial advice for members and more

12 January 2017 Happy New Year, 50th Annual AWGIE Awards, 2017 minimum rates and more


22 December 2016 Season’s Greetings from AWG, The National Voice and more

1 December 2016 AWG and Scripted Ink. receive Enterprise funding, Meet the Writers and more

17 November 2016 Prime Time competition heats up, AWG tagline competition and more

3 November 2016 What’s the Story? competition, congratulations to members and more

20 October 2016 AWGIE Awards recap and more 

6 October 2016 AWGIE Awards, congratulations to members and more

22 September 2016 Prime Time closes in two weeks and more

8 September 2016 Scripted Ink., AWGIE Awards and more

25 August 2016 Agency head slams copyright changes and more

11 August 2016 AWG strikes Theatre Industry Agreement, AWGIE Award tickets now on sale and more

28 July 2016 2016 AWGIE Award nominees revealed August 1, call to protect copyright in Europe and more

14 July 2016 Screenwriters’ fight goes to mediation, Mona Brand Award open for nominations and more 

30 June 2016 2016 John Hinde open for entries, Louise Fox masterclass and more

17 June 2016 #IStandWithTheArts and more

27 May 2016 AWG pledges fight will continue, AWGACS pledges fight will continue more

28 April 2016 Welcome to new members, 2016 Logies, Productivity Commission and more

14 April 2016 Monte Miller call for entries, AWG receives international support for legal case and more 

31 March 2016 2016 National Voice, Tim Pye on running a writers room and more

18 March 2016 2016 NSC recap, Shane Brennan announces Scripted Ink., and more

3 March 2016 AWG launches Interactive media group and more

25 February 2016 2015 John Hinde winners, new film tax offset and more

11 February 2016 New Australian theatre commission, Pathblazers and more

28 January 2016 WDW campaign for fairer pay and more

14 January 2016 Welcome to the first AWG newsletter of 2015 and more

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