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Lady Justice

February 13, 2017

After her police-officer husband is murdered, a 65-year old woman takes the law into her own hands and dishes out her own brand of justice to criminals who have escaped punishment.


The Paradise Syndrome

November 11, 2016

A Brooklyn based journalist recovering from the trauma of a highly publicised terrorist abduction, investigates a series of media suppressed deaths linked to a social media website, where users vlog their hypothetical ‘last words’. Teaming up with a technophobic Australian father of a teenage victim, the pair become drawn into a cycle of evil in their hunt to find the elusive founder of the website.


The Spy

August 18, 2016

1941. When downed WW2 fight pilot and budding author Roald Dahl is recruited by MI6 and sent to Washington to persuade America to join the war, he clashes with ruthless congressmen and Nazi spies as he struggles to overcome his trauma and save the UK from annihilation. Based on the true story.


Lost in the Dark

August 18, 2016

In a bleak future, horrible creatures known as the Lurkers hunt the last of mankind, they only fear one thing: electric light – but the power is running out.



June 14, 2016

Ben Green, tormented by the senseless murder of his family, returns home where the ghosts of the past hound him to be avenged.


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